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"After failing an important exam, mostly because of anxiety, my friend recommended Linda Hershman LMFT, MS to me. With the use of several mental techniques and the use of EMDR, I was able to walk into my next exam with much more confidence and successfully passed!  I don't think I could have gotten past my anxiety and excelled without her help"       - Katherine G.

The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today
- Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Peak Performance: A state of optimal or exceptional functioning; feeling completely in control, relaxed, and confident without fear of failure; able to do one's best, in one's best physical state 
You know what you want to achieve, but something is standing in your way. Perhaps your confidence has been shaken recently, or maybe you never had enough belief in yourself to realize your potential. If you are ready to let go of the negative beliefs holding you back and attain a higher level of functioning, EMDR for Peak Performance can help you break through your mental barriers and reach your goals.

When should you consider EMDR for Peak Performance?
* You want to shed your diet mentality, improve your health and fitness, and learn to trust in your ability for self-care
* You are prepping for an important exam or presentation and experience test or performance anxiety
* You are a sales representative or executive who fears losing your edge or wants to increase achievement
* You are an athlete, either professional or recreational, who wants to bust out of a slump or kick your performance up a notch
* You are a writer, experiencing writer's block
* You are a performance artist, such as an actor or musician, who suffers from stage fright or just needs a confidence boost
* You are an empty nester, older employee, retiree, or a Baby Boomer feeling invisible in a Generation Next world, and you want to reclaim an empowered, purposeful life

The Tools of EMDR for Peak Performance:
* EMDR, an evidence-based therapy that, when used for performance enhancement, permanently changes beliefs that block peak performance
* Internal imagery - learning to visualize yourself being successful
* Anxiety reduction - acquire skills to stop negative thoughts and calm your autonomic nervous system
* Improved focus or concentration
* Systematic preparation to ensure you have the physical and mental skills and knowledge needed for success